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Introducing 2 new cats should be a slow and gradual process… Luckily we had it easy with Cole and Marmalade and after 5 days they were living in the same "territory" and getting along well.

This video shows how we introduced them, but there are many more methods and tips in the links below…. GOOD LUCK! 🙂


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  1. Took only 4 and a half days for Riley our old cat to accept Nala when I brought her home last year. The praising the cat that was there first when he or she behaves worked beautifully along with the treat incentive. Although Riley isn’t the dominate cat now.

  2. A week is a long time to try and keep them separate. When I introduced Izzy who was about 1 at the time, to CeeJay they were separated for all of half an hour. They were hankering to meet so we put Izzy’s lead on took him outside on the other side of the screen door, opened the bedroom door that CeeJay was in, he went straight to the screen door and they sniffed at each other, not one hiss from either of them. Brought Izzy inside, they sniffed each other and that was it. Best mates straight away, playing, cleaning, sleeping together. It was beautiful. I have so many photos of those two hugging each other. Unfortunately 5 months later we lost CeeJay to a bad illness called FIP. One minute he was ok, the next the weight was falling off. When I brought him back home after getting the devastating news from the vet that CeeJay was dying, tearing up just trying to type this, it was like Izzy knew and he was so tender with him, would just lay with him and clean him. When it came time to get CeeJay put to sleep, I came home with his empty cage and the sad look on Izzy’s face when he realised CeeJay was not in there broke my heart. They say cats dont mourn, I beg to differ, Izzy did. It was so sad to see. I could tell he was missing having a furfriend around so decided to get him another playmate. I tried another 3 cats before I found the right match in Leo. Again, straight away they loved each other and are best mates and love cleaning and sleeping together with me. All I did this time was bring Leo in, in his carrier, plonked him in the middle of the floor, Izzy came up, sniffed round the cage and they sniffed at each other, left them like that for bout 15 minutes. They both just laid near each other and fell asleep. I then opened the cage Izzy climbed in, Leo came out, went and did a bit of exploring and then climbed back into the cage with Izzy and curled up and went to sleep. I separated them when I had to go out though for about a week. Thats the only time I kept them apart. i would come home to Izzy sitting at the door waiting for me to let Leo out.
    I could tell the others were not going to work out straight away when they hissed at each other before even meeting so left it for a day before introducing them and tried for a couple of weeks but they just could not handle Izzy wanting to clean and play, they would just hiss at him and carry on like pork chops if he tried playing with them but with both CeeJay and Leo there was straight up love.

  3. Cole looks so cute and fluffy, I wonder what breed of cat is he? I’m considering getting a cat and one like Cole seems purrfect. xD

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