55 thoughts on “My sister’s kitten spazzing out in his new cat tree!

  1. Beautiful baby very excited with his new tree. Can’t believe how many people assume he’s like that because of catnip. No, this is how kittens are by nature. High energy and very playful. No catnip needed.

    1. Oh ok good i just got a cat tree from a friend who said she thought their was no cat nip but my cat went crazy like this and i got worried because my cat is allergic to catnip she

  2. I trust you realize that by posting this without audio you practically invite everyone on the web to add their own soundtrack of what he’s screaming.

    1. no the fact Hitler tried and failed made us stronger every time some 1 tries to wipe us out we adapt and grow in strength and number now there are jews all over the world

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