The Best Way To Introduce Your Two Cats



If you're bringing home a second cat or already have two cats that just don't get along, this advice from Jackson can help establish a peaceful existence in your home. Be sure to share it with any friends that may be thinking about getting a second cat – it could just help save a cat's life!

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26 thoughts on “The Best Way To Introduce Your Two Cats

    1. The petdoctors in Holland SCK they only care for the money so i watch Jackson galaxy as much as i can to learn more and more Thank u Jackson keep doing the good stuff to bad you dont have qeustion box or Something or Anything in Holland Maybe a idea for the next season 🤔

    2. Sapphire 14 Follow the rules Jackson said in the video, and once you let them smell each other from different rooms, put a camera on one side so you can monitor the situation

    3. I don’t have a baby gate or any kind of gate,and how can you watch both cats at once during meal time? I really need help on a 1 year old and 5 month old cat to get along and stop fighting.The Five month is the one that wants to start a fight and is scaring the older cat which is a year old.😬Any Advice?

    4. If I introduced them too early, is it too late to take it back to square one? I hadn’t seen your video until after they’d been visually introduced, and did most of what you suggested, but I think I misread their behavior and lifted the veil too early. Old cat is female fixed 5yrs, new cat is male not fixed and 18 months. New cat is totally chill and came from a house with several cats. His isolation got him comfortable with me, and room swapping them has him pretty comfortable with the house. He wants to approach her at times, but at least when she hisses at him he just ignores her. No physical contact yet, so that’s good. Just posturing on old cat’s end. No marking with either cat and they have separate litter boxes too. I don’t have a third like they say you should, mainly because I live in an apartment and don’t have room to hide another one, but I have an extra one ready to go in case either starts marking. I hope I haven’t ruined it, old cat really needs a buddy to play with and new cat is really mellow and goofy and seems like he’ll get along with old cat just fine if she’ll let him.2

  1. ok so is this the same if you are introducing 2 new cats to your main cat cause thats what i have to do in a few days when i get my 2 new cats

  2. How can I do the feeding step if my resident cat isn’t food motivated? Of course she eats her scheduled meals but once she gets distracted by the presence of the new kitten, she won’t even look at her food or a treat.

  3. I got a new kitten today and my first cat was a stray and they don’t like each other and my first cat is angry at me now, what can I do to make her not angry at me

  4. We recently got a new cat but introduction isn’t going too well. We’ve tried some scent swapping and soon going to do some site swapping our house is not big enough to create any transparent or door barriers, if we put the cat food on the floor then the dog will eat it and there’s no where to put the dog. Our family is also all out for work or school and etc during the day so we can’t do something that requires constant monitoring over 24 hours. If anyone has some other ideas that might help then it would be terrific.

  5. Chai shortcutted the whole entire process just by bring himself.

    He was two, and playful and energetic. My roommate of the time’s cat was older and half his size, and did not enjoy his exuberant across the house running tackle headbunts of love and knocking overness.

    solution, get him a friend his age to play tag with.

    local shelter was having a special, any cat that had been there for over a year the adoption fee was only a dollar.

    Chai’s reaction to the cardboard box carrier from the shelter? Pure cat.
    “oh mom you went shopping what’d you buy me? What’s in the box? It’s mine what is it! Gasp! You bought me a cat! My very own cat! Hooray!!”

    To this day, both boys are convinced that Assam is indeed Chai’s cat. I haven’t bothered to correct this.

  6. I don’t think my cats will ever get along. We have four now (all rescues the new one being special needs ). Two of my cats have their hissy fits with the new one if she gets too close but other than that its nothing, but my one cat who has never been aggressive just full on attacks the new cat at any given moment. We had them separated by a door the first few weeks, then moving the cats to different rooms to get them use to each other smells, to even adding some of her poop to their main litter boxes. Nothing has worked for Ruby and Lulu. I tried to keep them occupied by toys and lulu started to expose her belly to ruby but as soon as ruby would growl and move away Lulu would attack her. I’m going to keep trying to do the treats and play but I just don’t know if they will ever get along which makes me really sad =(

  7. I want to adopt another cat but my cat is very old he’s 16 and I’m so scared he’s just going to hate the new cat…. This makes me feel much better! I will for sure try it!

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